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Your Image Your Money

Posted by Administrator on 7/27/2012
  Did you know?

    More competent-looking individuals are deemed better "CEO material"

    More attractive political candidates enjoy more electoral success

    More attractive individuals select more attractive mates

    Workers with "polish" earn 15% more than "plain-looking" workers

    70% of a customer's brand perception is based upon interactions with, and impressions of, a company's or organization's employees
Bold accessories  make a statement and perfect your look.
Add big jewelry pieces to complete your look.
Add color with scarves.
I tell my clients pull out your accessories try on lots of different things.
Then wear the accessories that you like the best and scare you the most.
Step out of your comfort zone and move forward.
You will be amazed how differently you see your self when the world see's a more confident you.
Find your passion for fashion and release your inner Goddess Home

Everyday Beautiful is your one stop source for natural and paraben free skin care and cosmetics.

Everyday Beautiful features Jenna Kator Handbags , Earthtopia cosmetics and a large selection of unique accessories.

You can visit us online at www.EverydayBeautiful.org

Or visit our shop at 2194 Main St suite L Dunedin FL 34698

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