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The End of fashion week is the beginning of big sales

Posted by Administrator on 9/19/2012
The end of September thru mid October is one of the best time of year to get high end fashions at deep discounts. Stores typically get new trends in 4 to 6 weeks after fashion week. When they get new items in they discount the older merchandise. Its not unusual to see clearance racks at up to 75% off this time of year. Smart shoppers will check the catwalk to see if this seasons trends are on last seasons clearance racks and scoop them up at huge discounts I recommend you invest in classics,last seasons trends wont be next seasons trends. You will always be happiest and get the most wear out of quality classics that stand the test of time. Hitting the mall on weekdays Tuesday thru Thursdays ensures you will get good selection and first dibs on the new clearance markdowns. On the weekends you will get over picked stuff because the stores donít have time to restock. Donít forget to shop for accessories also. Because those departments are smaller often times they will put there clearance accessories on a back wall so be sure to ask the sales clerk where those sale items are. Nothing makes a true fashionista as happy as a getting $100 belt for $20 and accessories are almost always interchangeable from season to season..
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Susan Date 11/8/2012
I am on my way to the mall now!
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 The End of fashion week is the beginning of big sales

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