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Male to Female transformation tips

At Everyday beautiful we work with you one on one to achieve results that are uniquely you.

Everyone is different and there are no cookie cutter answers.

What works for someone else may not be right for you.

Feminine coaching, voice training and mannerisms are all worked on at a very specific individual level to bring out in you the women that has always been there.

Even our makeup instruction is tailored specifically to your face shape and goals.

 No two people  are alike and we take the time to honor and get to know the woman you have always been
Once we have a game plan for your transformation goals we will set up homework assignments for you to practice in between appointments.

This will include things like, practicing your voice training. Recording yourself as you progress in this is very helpful both to track your progress and to see both your

accomplishments and areas you need a little extra help with.

Learning how to dress for your body shape is crucial and sometimes seems like the most difficult challenge, together we will show you exactly what works for you and why.

Shopping will be a much easier experience.

I know you have heard the saying "Practice makes perfect" when it comes to makeup this is completely true.

After our first  lesson together I will send you home with step by step instructions for you to practice at home.

Usually within just a few short weeks it will be easy for you and you will be comfortable being able to master the perfect smokey eye.

A beautiful Male to Female transformation story will no longer be frustrating but fun and exciting with each step of your journey.

No matter if you are sis gender, transgender or somewhere in between getting the look you want is all just smoke and mirrors ! Even the most beautiful super model doesn't wake

up looking fantastic. Be patient with yourself get the help you need and achieve your dreams.

With Love, Laurie