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Makeup tips and tricks

Posted by Administrator on 8/30/2012

Lip brushes, sponges and blush brushes may seem like tools you do not need or may not want to spend money on.

Splurge, they are worth it. They not only stretch the life of your products but also give you the finish you are looking for.

Ever try to put a nail in the wall with your shoe because you couldn’t find a hammer?

It doesn’t work so well (I know I have done this )

You need the right tools to get the right look.

Lip brushes define your lip shape. You can skip liner this way. Try using two colors that are near in shade and use the darker one to line and the lighter to fill. Wipe your brush clean between steps to prevent color blending in glosses and pots.

Eyeshadow brushes help a lot, you can use more pressure without drag. This will keep your eye skin tighter and less prone to wrinkles. Dab a shimmer color with a shadow brush on freshly primed eyes, you will see a huge difference from finger application.

I like to get my eye makeup brushes wet to really bring out the colors, wetting the brushed gives you deeper color.

I use eyeshadow for eyeliner with a wet brush and get great results.

Sponges…try them damp. If you can run it under a faucet and twist out the water, use a cream. Just a little bit of face cream will plump up your sponge and get it ready for maximum foundation coverage.

Blush brushes are awesome. I like an angled brush for contouring the hollows of cheeks with a light bronze color then coming in with a fat, fluffy brush and adding some pink to the apples. This gives an elegant look with a modern blended flair!

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