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Crossdress for beginers 101

Posted by Administrator on 9/5/2013
A Hairy Subject One of the biggest challenges to the new crossdresser is hair. Even if you are lucky enough to have sparse, light colored body hair, it detracts from your femme appearance. And if you are a new crossdresser or keeping this a secret you donít want to shave everything so here are steps to conceal 5:00 Oíclock shadow First always shaves twice before dressing; donít forget to shave all over your cheeks and the corners of your mouth too. Next moisturize, Earthtopia 28 day facelift in a bottle is an organic cream that will moisturize completely without leaving a greasy residue behind. Apply a light colored concealed to all the areas of face you have hair then cover with a makeup that matches your skin tone. Arms and Hands: If you cannot shave your whole body, use a beard trimmer to trim up the hair on your arms and chest .If you have hairy hands I highly recommend shaving your hands. Itís hard to make hands look feminine, even with painted nails with hairy hands Legs I know every crossdresser wants to display sexy legs and sexy legs are easier than you think! Use sheer beige pantyhose as a foundation garment. These will give shape to your legs, covers the little nicks and veins, and provide a nice sheen. If you have particularly hairy legs and canít shave them too closely try wearing beige pantyhose under another darker colored pair. If you can afford them, dance tights give a wonderful sheen to the legs and will hide the hairiest of legs. Eye Brows Anyone of you that know me knows I am OBBSESSED with perfect eye brows. Eyebrows should frame your eyes and create a feminine mystique. Use your beard trimmer to thin out your eyebrow area. You can get a lot of shape and definition with a little help from the right tools and cosmetics Earthtopia tat. eyebrows will give you easy to follow instructions and perfect color and form every time Fingernails These are the easy fix of all ! For a beginner crossdresser I recommend the cheap press on nails you can find at your drug store. They are super simple to apply and come off easily as well. Just please make sure if you have hairy hands shave or trim that hair. The Wig If you are going to crossdress more than once a year I highly recommend you spend some money here and get a good wig. If you have lots of hair some clip in hair pieces are easy to use and much more comfortable than a whole head wig When looking at color try to stick as close to what your hair color was as a child to get a good match. Nothing looks more fake and less feminine than someone with Olive skin wearing a bleach blonde wig Makeup The best advice is invest in Earthtopia Total Transformation. Its going to give you everything you need to complete an awesome femine look with step by step instructions and all the tools you need from color coordination makeup tools color wheel cosmetics and live chat support from our awesome team. Next practice, practice, and practice. If you are around other girls spend some time and watch her makeup, especially watch how she applies eye makeup. If you are in the Tampa Bay Fl area we have a meetup group that meets once a month with a heavy focus on makeup. Below is the link , we have it at our Crossdresser transformation studio In Dunedin http://www.meetup.com/Makeup-and-Image-for-crossdressers-and-transgender. Clothes- Wear what you love! To start out finding looks you like go to some of your local charity thrift stores. You can find some great things and help out a good cause too.
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